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Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Goes Frigo

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, never the shy one, gets in tip top shape to models his latest investment, Frigo Underwear. Starting at $25 and ranging upwards to $100, its only right that the rapper/business mogul puts his money where his mouth is.

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First Lady Michelle Obama Gets Down With Ellen

First Lady, Michelle Obama has been busy with her “Let’s Move” campaign, geared at keeping youngsters active. When she appeared on the Ellen Show with Ellen DeGeneres, there was a dance off this time. Check out the First Lady and the comedianne busting some moves to “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars (below).  

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NY Sets Legal Weed In Motion

NY Governor, Cuomo finally puts ink to paper on the bill to legalize medical marijuana in the state of New York. However, the only forms that will be approved by doctors and dispensed will be edible and vapors.

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Where Is Yasiin Bey?

Rapper/Actor Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def recently took the liberties and chances of voluntarily being force-fed in the way that the 40+ out of 120 detainees are in Guantanimo Bay during the Muslim fasting season of Ramadan. Watch at your own risk. [GRAPHIC MATERIAL].

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Coca Cola’s Healthy Alternative

Coca Cola offers a new healthy alternative called Coca Cola Life, that’s made with Stevia as opposed to sugar.

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Have You Ever Overindulged?

I may have overindulged of late. We had family over visiting from Scotland and let’s just say the wine shops profits experienced a rapid jump. A gal knows the signs: 1. The Bridget Jones style pants aren’t holding it all in. 2. I feel tired all the time and have zero motivation. A zombie would […]

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Critics of Obamacare Find New Focus

President Jimmy Carter had peanut butter. President Reagan had Reaganomics. Vice President, Dick Cheney had Halliburton. And now there’s President Obama with Obamacare. No two people, American or otherwise, can agree on its intentions nor its foreseeable impact. However, there does happen to be something that the critics all can agree to question….Who is that […]

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Yogurt For Men? Really?

The new yogurt craze has everyone scrambling for the highest protein content. From French yogurts to Greek yogurts, I mean, if you’re not going to eat it for the protein, then whats the use? Right? Well, for those of us that enjoy the taste and really want to get a true bang for your buck, […]

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Pink Slime Oozes It’s Way Back Into School Cafeterias

Welcome back to another segment of the Wellness Report!  Today, I want to talk about the return of the pink slime. Pink slime made the news as this ammonia-treated mush of meat trimmings that some fast food restaurants used to make burgers. Believe it or not, 4 states have put in orders for this questionable […]

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Police Chief Gone Wild

In case you missed the memo that says to stay out of Gilberton, Pennsylvania, then police chief, Mark Kessler has a few words to convince you. This is a video where Kessler was supposed to apologize for previous videos posted on YouTube where he rattled off rounds of ammunition in light of his said to […]

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Does Less Time at Work Lead to More Happiness?

Welcome to another edition to the Wellness Report.  Today, I want to discuss a topic that is related to health, mental health that is.  It’s the concept of achieving happiness in life.  Most people would assume that people would be happier if they spent less time at work.  Well, a professor in South Korea decided […]

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Discrimination from The Doctor?

Welcome back to another edition of the Wellness Report. Today we are going to touch on a topic that could cause you to yell in outrage.  When it comes to healthcare, one would hope that all person regardless of ethnicity, gender or physical condition would be treated humanely when they visit the doctor for treatment.  […]

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College Prep For Kids and Nephews From A Wellness Perspective

Welcome to another edition of The Wellness Report. As college fast approaches for some of your children and nephews, most parents and well wishers are primarily concerned about how well their loved ones will adjust and perform academically.  But what’s not on most people’s radar is the challenge of maintaining health in that new environment. For […]

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Surgery Overseas? It’s Not Just for NBA Ballers Anymore

Glad to have you back for another edition of the Wellness Report.  Today, we are going to talk about a crossover move that regular folks are making.  It’s not just Kobe Bryant getting a special knee procedure or Dwayne Wade looking to regain that Flash Form from doctors across the pond. More and more Americans […]

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