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Banging Out Solid Info-tainment Consistently…

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Feb• 04•14


What All The Email Hackings About

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Dec• 15•14


Hollywood seems to be making the US government upset with what has been hitting the big screen and tv lately. But in the wake of the Sony Email Hacking Scandal, there’s one particular movie that’s gotten a group of hackers that goes by the name of ‘The Guardians of Peace’, all bent out of shape. This Christmas, Seth Rogan and James Franco are set to star in ‘The Interview’, a comedy that puts the actors in a situation to assassinate the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un. As a result of making the North Korean leader the butt of the joke, it has been speculated that the Terrorist group (GOTP) has origins in North Korea and have issued terror warnings to major theater chains across America to not premiere the movie or else suffer bombings, etc. Immediately, theater owners made the decision to not show the comedy premiere, but the regular showing of the movie’s opening night remains to be Christmas Day, December 25th. It’s said that Sony stands to lose more than $100 million by not releasing the movie on its planned date. Could this be a marketing ploy to build up anticipation? Does Guardians of the Peace really exist, from a terroristic point of view? Does The North Korean leader, Kim Jung-Un really care? And why hasn’t Sony yet opted to partner with Netflix to stream the movie on its said release date?

Just something to ponder as we wish upon a star, that we were gifted with the opportunity to see what seems to be a potentially great movie. The Interview. Happy holidays…still.

The Royals Meet US Royalty

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Dec• 12•14


While here in the United States, Princess Kate and Prince William of England desired to do a few things from their bucket list if sorts. 3 of those wishes were granted when they attended an NBA game to see Lebron James play while being courted by Hip Hop royalty, Beyonce & Jay Z.

Vivid’s Christmas Display Window Turning Heads in NYC

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Dec• 12•14

Vivid’s Cabaret Decided to have the Christmas spirit this year by choosing strippers to fill in their display window in midtown Manhattan. It’s certainly stopped traffic and walkers in their tracks with mixed reviews. So if you’re in the area, feel free to stop by for some Yuletide cheer….or not.

Kevin Spacey Prepares For His Inaugural Season Of Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Dec• 11•14

What better way to teasers than with a 15 second video, obviously made for Instagram consumption. Needless to say, we’re ready for Season 3!

Just Another ‘Price Is Right’ Male

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Dec• 11•14


James O’Holloran is just the second male to ever join the never ending list of beautiful female presenters on the century old game show.

Diddy And Drake Trade Blows In Miami

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Dec• 11•14

Miami’s infamous Club Liv found rapper Drake involved in a scuffle with CEO and rapper, Sean “Diddy” Combs this past weekend. Sources say that Diddy delivered 3 blows to Drake, that were long overdue as a result of a song track that fell into the wrong hands. The track in question was made by producer “Boi 1da”, pronounced Boy Wonder, and used by Drake for his Grammy nominated song, “0 to 100″. It’s been said that the producer had given the track to both artists some months ago, but Drake used it first without alerting Diddy.

Showtime’s ‘House of Lies’ Gears Up For The New Season In Jaunary 2015

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Dec• 11•14

If you love Marty Kaan, the character played by Golden Globe Nominee, Don Cheadle, then you’re extremely excited about his release from prison and return to the marketing world. January is gonna be HOT!

Speed: Men Know Why

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Nov• 27•14


Written By: STEEL Magazine - Nov• 27•14

Automobiles: The Future of Trucks

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Nov• 20•14

Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 | World Premiere:

Are we ready for the year 2025? Well Mercedes Benz plans to get the commercial truck world ready with this “smart truck”. Watch and be amazed…

Comedian, Bill Cosby Accused of Multiple Sexual Assaults

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Nov• 20•14

Comedian and icon, Bill Cosby stands accused of sexual assault by more than just a handful of females in his past. What once was a career that marked a place in Hollywood as an authority and a squeaky clean father figure on the successful tv show, The Cosbys, within a matter of days, Bill Cosby’s reputation has been painted as all but squeaky clean. The allegations all come from some 20 or more years ago. At press time, there had been no charges filed.

Faith Evans To Plan A Posthumous Duet CD With Ex Husband Biggie Smalls

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Nov• 20•14

Singer Faith Evans plans to record a Cd of duets with her ex-husband, the late great Biggie Smalls. Of course, it will be a studio enhanced CD, since the rapper was slain by gunshots some 17 years ago in California due to the much frowned upon, ‘East Coast/West Coast Hip Hop Beef’.

Mary J Blige Shares The Secret To Lasting Love

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Nov• 20•14

In a recent interview, singer, Mary J Blige shared the secret to her and husband of 12 years, Kendu Isaacs success. She and Kendu are NOT allowed to have ANY opposite sex friends…. We now know who wears the pants in the relationship.

Wendy Williams Strikes Out With Lifetime TV Aaliyah Movie

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Nov• 20•14

Talk show hostess, Wendy Williams, produced the late songstress, Aaliyah’s biopic on the Lifetime network to many negative reviews over this past weekend. What seemed like a great effort to shed light on the untold story of the talented and young Aaliyah that lost her life in a plane crash at the height of her career, it was evident that Williams and Lifetime didn’t collaborate with the key people in Aaliyah’s life. During the airing of the movie, Grammy award winning producer and friend to Aaliyah, Timbaland took to Instagram to show his distaste for the production.

See Timbaland’s Instagram rant HERE.

Comedian, Tosh.0 Bashes ESPN Over Stolen Material

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Nov• 12•14

Its seems like sports news channel, ESPN has stolen its new material from the wrong person. Comedian, Daniel Tosh made sure to get back at the sporting news giant in a classic case of David vs Goliath.