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Banging Out Solid Info-tainment Consistently…

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Feb• 04•14


David Letterman, but No Arsenio Hall

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Apr• 18•14


After 32 years of late night TV, David Letterman recently surprised the world with his plans to retire by next year, 2015. Immediately, rumors and plans of his successors were flying through the Internet and conversations alike. Who would fill his shoes? Would it be Jimmy Fallon, John Stuart or Stephen Colbert? Strangely enough there was no mention of the one late night show host that stands out like a sore thumb, literally. Arsenio Hall has been back on late night TV for all of 3 months now and it seems as though he hasn’t missed a beat from his early 90s show of the same name, set and more than likely, the same audience.


You see, true Arsenio fans just can’t get enough of him. And he’s Black, which he jokingly hints as the reason why he’s not in the line-up. Truth be told, however, Arsenio Hall is the only late night host that has stood up against the ratings of the true and late “King of Late Night TV”, Johnny Carson.

At press time, Stephen Colbert had been chosen as Mr. Letterman’s successor. Meanwhile, Arsenio may have made a few jokes about the issue of not being in the line up for late night supremecy, but surely, his fans and followers haven’t been finding it too funny. In this day where a nod means much, it would make sense and prove intelligent to at least mention what’s hard to miss.
Take a look at David Lettermans goodbye announcement below:


LHHA’s Mimi Faust & Nikko Smith To Release A Sex Tape [EXPLICIT]

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Apr• 16•14

0411-mimi-nikko-sex-tape-03-480w 0411-mimi-nikko-sex-tape-07-480w 0411-mimi-nikko-sex-tape-09-480wSo whats wrong with a sext tape? Kim Kardashian & Ray J did it. Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee did it. Paris Hilton did it. It seems like the whole world has done it! Needless to say, this season of VH1′s top rated reality series, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta comes with a surprise. Co-stars, Mimi Faust (ex-girlfriend and mother to co-star, Stevie J‘s child) and new lust interest, Nikko Smith has went beyond what TV will allow by releasing a full fledged sex tape with mega-porn hub, Vivid. Since the show’s trailer has began airing, the internet world has been ablaze with criticism about MiMi’s choice to do porn, citing that 40 years old is too old to broadcast a sexual romp to the world. Vivid is the same company that released the ‘Kim & Ray J’ tape some years ago, catapulting the Kardashian family into super-stardom. With LHHA scheduled to air on VH1 next month, on May 5th and the ticker counting down on the Vivid website for the official sex tape, we’re not sure which one to be more excited about!


New Singer, August Alsina Gets Heated On Network TV Show

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Apr• 16•14

Recently on BET‘s kid friendly show, 106 & Park, while being questioned about his un-friendly acquaintance with fellow singer, Trey Songz, new singer on the scene, August Alsina snapped back at the host, Keisha Chante as co-host and rapper, Bow Wow stood by and watched.

Its understandable to want privacy as a human being, especially in this new world of sharing everything. However, an entertainer’s privacy is anything but private. Once anyone signs on to share their talents with the public, then the burden of protecting their privacy lay on themselves. It’s a double headed monster that could easily bite you twice when making the choice of whether to be honest and forthright in an interview or to be as cunning and evasive as only the greats have done in their time. Lets face it; fame and success as an entertainer today means that you have to be public. Even Prince understands that now, showing up on the Arsenio Hall late night TV show numerous times. In the past, he’d remained almost secretive despite the movies (Purple Rain, Under The Cherry Moon) reflecting his life that everyone subscribed to. He was also Prince…,an established and undeniably talented artist that everyone was dying to work with or be with.

Watching August Alsina snap and curse at the host on 106 & Park, a show that’s supposed to be designed for kids between the ages of 12 and 25 was enough to not only question this up & coming singer’s behavior, but also the network’s. There’s a responsibility of a network to tailor its content to reflect in good faith towards its demographic of each show that’s broadcast. Aside from the type of guests and the video content that’s being directed to the youthful audience of 106 & Park, BET’s responsibility is to see fit that the guests, their language and their behavior falls in line with the kids that they aim to reach. With TV and the entertainers that appear on the screens all day, everyday, being such an influential tool, there should be a checklist that begins with the question of “what influential residue are we aiming to leave on our audience”?

August Alsina was wrong in how he handled the interview opportunity and invitation to perform on the highest rated TV show for youths today. Especially with a new CD dropping on the same day. As a host and journalist of sorts, Keisha Chante definitely should have honored the singer’s requests to not bring up his feud with fellow singer, Trey Songz. However, good journalism will ask good questions that beg to be known by the audience and fans. The test of the entertainer’s charisma away from his/her talents is in how they deflect such questions. The sad part of this whole situation is that afterwards when August Alsina began singing to introduce his new video, the studio audience cheered him on as if nothing had ever happened, evidence that maybe the youth of today has been taught to except bad behavior and poor taste.

August Alsina is a great new artist on the rise. He can sing really well and we’ve watched his road towards success for a short while now. It would be sad to see his fire extinguished before it gets a chance to burn bright.  In the meantime, his debut CD, Testimony drops today. Lets see if his talents are enough to sway us too.


Rihanna Goes Bottomless [PICS]

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Apr• 13•14


As usual, the sexy songstress, Rihanna sets the internet on fire when photos of an overseas magazine shoot were…uh…leaked. What more can we say? Enjoy.





Thank you for the pics:


Technology: Let There Be Light

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Apr• 10•14

No need to be without a fully charged cellphone anymore…unless its nightime. Now, with this solar powered charger that sticks to any surface and plugs into any mobile device, you’re in business.

Fashion Fwd >>

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Apr• 10•14

What else are you supposed to do when Spring arrives? Throw on a pair of these comfortable Gucci sneakers, drop your tablet in the bag and go. Go to Neiman Marcus to see this and more.

R.I.P. To The Ultimate Warrior, James Hellwig

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Apr• 10•14

Rest in peace and condolences to the friends and family of one of the best to ever get in the ring, The Ultimate Warrior aka James Hellwig. Hellwig was a household name throughout the 80′s and 90′s, while the WWF (World Wrestling Federation, now the WWE) was very popular with other wrestling stars such as Hulk Hogan, Randy “Macho Man” Savage and more.

Ricky Rude Is Ready To Live

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Apr• 09•14


Upon first glance, you just might think that Ricky Rude is a rock star or a pop star…..or even an actor. Well, you’d be right about 2 out of the 3. Ricky Rude is an actor and he indeed is living like a rock star. However, Ricky is an independent rapper from South Jersey that has his feet firmly planted in Philadelphia. RR has been on tracks and videos with greats like Scarface (of The Geto Boys) and the sexy, Trina. In most cases, its the music that intends to speak for itself, but we had the pleasure of catching up to Ricky Rude, via Raw STEEL Radio‘s Kickin’ It w/ Donna & Ro show to get acquainted with the man behind the infectiuous hooks and suprisingly hot lyrics. Check out the interview BELOW and when you’re finished DOWNLOAD Ricky Rude’s MIXTAPE, Ready To Live in the link.


LISTEN TO “Stripper A$$, Model Face”:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Nick Cannon’s Whiteface: Genius or Insensitive?

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Mar• 26•14

After 11 years of musical silence, rapper/actor/comedian, Nick Cannon emerges in white skinned character to promote his new cd, aptly titled, White People Party Music. Since debuting himself in white faced character on his Instagram, the artist has received an incredible onslaught of attention. The problem is that critics believe that Cannon is being insensitive to pull such a stunt. In his defense, Cannon has sited actor, Robert Downey Jr. in blackface for his role in the movie, Tropic Thunder, as well as, himself in a music video spoof of himself donning blackface. So the question begs: Is Nick Cannon’s White People Party Music campaign smart marketing or insensitive?

Robert Downey in Blackface via the movie, Tropic Thunder

ABC News briefly spoke about Cannon’s tactics as well:

NEW MUSIC: Mos Def & Marvin Gaye Mash Up

Written By: STEEL Magazine - Mar• 23•14

How sweet is it when you have a beloved legend and a well respected veteran of today’s music scene coupled together for a mash-up? Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey & Marvin Gaye equals Yasiin Gaye, and you will not be disappointed. Feast you eyes (and ears) on this!

download the entire cd HERE

Vin Keatin Is On The Rise

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Mar• 20•14


We recently caught up to Vin Keatin, a very humble yet talented man of song that’s making a bit of noise on the music scene these days. He let us know all about his upbringing and what makes him belt out those melodic tunes that he owns. Take a minute and get to know Mr. Keatin. You’ll appreciate that you did.


Aaron D Spears Drops By Raw STEEL Radio’s “Ro Show”

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Mar• 19•14
from Raw STEEL Radio's 'The Ro Show'

from Raw STEEL Radio’s ‘The Ro Show’

Listen to the show HERE

TwitPic: But Who’s Photo Is It?

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Mar• 04•14

The night of the 2014 Oscars, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres gave birth to the most tweeted photo of all time. At the time of this post, it had been retweeted more than 3 million times and previously broken Twitter. But the question is Who Does The Pic Belong To? Bradley Cooper snapped the shot, but Ellen DeGeneres posted it. Needless to say, nobody’s asking who’s phone was it? Now, that’s something to consider….

Nicole Murphy Is Really 46 & Sexy!!

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Mar• 02•14

Nicole Brown Murphy in Maui

Yes, Michael Strahan‘s lady, Nicole Murphy really is a 46 year old mom of 4. And yes, she really can move like none of that is true. All we can say is….WoW. Thank you Genuine for the inspiration.

Lebron James And That Mask

Written By: STEEL MagazineTV - Feb• 28•14

lebron james mask

After suffering a broken nose, Miami Heat‘s Lebron James and his new face mask returned to the court tonight (Thursday) to play for a 108-82 win against the NY Knicks.